Sunday, November 3, 2013

Write On

I have been so busy bookmaking the last couple of months, all summer really, that I rarely took time to write. And it took a coffee mug from a friend for me to realize it. It is simple, white, adorned with a pencil in motion writing an "ahhhh................" That, my friend, is the satisfactory sigh of a well written sentence, or the sound that escapes from a sentence as it is exorcised from the mind in which it has been held for far too long. And so back to the pen and paper I must return, as that is the life of a writer, the blessing or curse. A blessing, I think, today, and it is good to go back.

Much to my delight, the following day a fellow Etsian featured my Feather Quill Pen Set in a Treasury. A writer or artist would delight to find this lovely collection in their stocking this Christmas. We should all be so lucky. Thanks DixieSisters for treasuring my item. Check out their shop for great Holiday crafts and accessories.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog.
Beautifully written as always.