Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween & Bookish Treats
Pocket Journal Winner

Happy Halloween to all or Happy Samhain (Celtic meaning the summer's end). Today marks the end of the Celtic year, the harvest season, and the light half of the year. And tomorrow begins the Celtic New Year and dark half of the year, or as we call it: Winter. So light a bonfire tonight to warm yourself and ready yourself for the cold, dark, but hopefully cozy winter. In honor of fall and the colorful blaze that precedes the darkness, I've been harvested the bounty of autumnal colors. And what a bounty it has been.
Also, the lucky winner of my red, embossed leather Pocket Journal is Arlene (Mama's Joy). Congratulations and Enjoy! Thank you to everyone who entered and remember to unplug this fall and enjoy the simple joys around you.  


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Do You Unplug?
Pocket Journal Giveaway

1. Read my post.  
2. Leave a comment.  
3. Wait until Halloween (with your fingers crossed) when I'll announce a winner of this 2 1/2 x 3 inch pocket journal with red, embossed leather.

Do you ever find yourself suffering from digital overload? Phones and computers, tablets and tvs seem to invade so many hours of our days. Do you feel a vague sense of longing for something pleasantly tactile to do with your hands or just to be utterly unplugged? I certainly do and this can be easily remedied by reaching back into your memory for those lovely activities that the modern age has nearly forgotten. For me, I write a letter to a friend – on carefully chosen paper, with a favorite pen, at my wooden desk with a cup of tea or some Irish music to accompany me. Or else I walk over to my vinyl collection and put some Dylan on the record player.  Perhaps I am more nostalgic than you for physical things, physical movements. So I wonder, in what treasures of yesteryear do you like to take part? What is your cure for these digital days? How do you unplug? I want to know....
Leave your answer below in comments (be sure to include an email where I can reach you). I’ll randomly pick a winner on Halloween and announce the lucky recipient. Journals like these are always available in my Etsy Shop too.

Leaving Your Mark

While at Apple Butter Makin' Days selling my bookish wares, I sat out a feather quill pen for all try. And try they did. I ran out of paper a few times & often I saw people lined up to scrawl their name or flourish a squiggle in a way that has nearly been forgotten. It was a treat to see children try (and succeed) & adults smile, giggle, looking pleased. It does not surprise me that something so simple and tactile should being fun and fulfilling. Our hands must tire of typing, texting, & finger flicking touch screens. Reward your fingers with something real, reward your mind.

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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apple Butter Makin' Days

Cold, rainy, windy, sunny, humid, hot. We had it all this weekend at Apple Butter Makin' Days in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. Luckily, most of the rain was overnight and our booth stayed nice and dry (thanks to a million tarps and ropes). There was a great turn out of enthusiastic patrons. Thanks to all who stopped by to browse or deliver well wishes (and those who helped me out). Everyone's support is greatly appreciated. If you purchased something from Traveling Chariot I hope you love it and that it brightens your day.  And if so, do tell a friend. The feather quill pens were a hit, especially my sample one set out for all to try. I probably have thousands of signatures from the fair, from young and old, names, smiley faces, squiggles, splotches, and a few ambitious little drawings. I'm glad that Traveling Chariot got to be a part of your fall festival memories. I like reminding people that fun can still be had from simple, tactile things. People smiled, giggled, and were pleased with their inky accomplishments. Feather quills, miniature journals, and all the other journals that weren't purchased should be up for sale very soon at Traveling Chariot's Etsy Shop.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Days went by like paper in the wind

Festival time is drawing near. The Traveling Chariot will be setting up shop at Apple Butter Makin' Days in Mt. Vernon, Missouri the weekend of October 11th,12th, and 13th. I'll be pulling up my chariot and unloading a slew of handmade books, big and small and teeny-tiny, unique, hand-cut feather quill pens, paper crafts and other curiosities. I'll be sharing my booth with Laura of Coula Bows who'll be selling her hand crafted bows, buttons and headbands of myriad colors and patterns for little girls and adults alike.