Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Hussle

My creative projects this holiday season have been many and quite varied. And they are all on a time crunch. I don't want to be the cause of late gifts, so I've been busy. Below are some hand painted signs to be hung in homes or on porches or driveways. The Howard one below has been wood burned. I ended up embellishing it a bit more. The giant ruler is for a child's bedroom to mark heights. A couple coats of varnish are now drying then they are ready to go out into the wide world to my patrons who are giving them as lovely gifts for Christmas


I also hand painted 60 frosted glass ornament for the girls over at Meaningful Movements Dance Company. These little dancers will adorn many a Christmas tree.


A few more Dancing Darlings were crafted for gifts as well.

These cute, cheeky hand painted coffee mugs were commissioned by a good friend. I painted 5 of these last week.

So, there are many other things I am still working on, mostly gifts for my family and friends which I cannot share quite yet as that would spoil all the fun! Happy Holidays.

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