Thursday, September 3, 2015

British Isles #18: Eteaket

Eteaket (like etiquette) was a lovely little tea shop in Edinburgh where we stopped for a spot of tea on misty March afternoon. They do small snacks and sandwhiches too. And on certain days someone is there reading fortunes from tea leaves! It was adorable and the tea was good and reasonably priced. I brought a few boxes of tea home with me too. Each person gets their own little pot of tea (I only ever get a cup with strainer in the US), cream, brown & white sugar cubes, and a little steeping timer is set at your table. Tea makes a lovely souvenir, conjuring up the tastes and scents from afar. And drinking tea has, over the years, become something I enjoy greatly, a welcome treat and time to slow down, a quiet wander to another place, another time.

Eteaket is situated at 41 Frederick Street in the New Town of Edinburgh. Visit their online shop here.


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