Thursday, September 17, 2015


An index of leathers that I have available for journals, specifically my custom order Address Books:

4. Green Black & Silver - a soft leather with layered colors

9. Grey Ombre - a soft brushed leather with dark grey and white in a subtle tie dye effect, matte finish

 8. Khaki Green - a brownish green khaki leather, smooth and little glossy.

7. Olive Green - a thin, soft olive green leather, matte finish
10. Leaves - Leather is warm red-browns with a printed leaf motif in a glossy black. 

5. Blue & Brown Ink Spill - This is a really unique leather. Colors here look pretty accurate and they always remind of spilled ink. This side is soft and brushed with matte finish

6. Backside of Blue & Brown Ink Spill - this is the backside of above, it is darker by far, less contrast and smoother, a little shinier sheen to it, semi gloss. Also lovely

3. Brown - a soft, warm chocolate brown leather with a little sheen to it. Very weathered look to this one. 

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