Monday, August 8, 2011

Thank You for Treasuring

If you are not familiar with by now, please go, now. If you are, hopefully you have discovered the insanely addictive activity of browsing or curating an Etsy Treasury. If you have not, please go, now. Treasuries are great way to promote other vendors and create lovely little worlds of your own. Several of my items have been used in treasuries and it is always a pleasure to see what others have come up with using an item of mine. So, in thanks to those who have thought my items worthy of being treasured, please browse their treasuries and check out their shops, or buy yourself a treat.

On Those Forgotten Roads

Cruising tiny, obscure, forgotten back roads is one of my favorite pastimes. It's greatest when the air is cool and one can drive with the windows down as your car stirs up the fallen leaves on the road. This leisurely drive was on a hot, hot summer day but I was delighted to find this old bridge (which was still drivable) over a creek in our area. A lovely little discovery.

Working at the Dog Wash

My recently finished mural for Aurora Pet Salon (678-2660):

Sunday, August 7, 2011

I'm Not the Only One Dreaming of Autumn

Here are some nice and cool Etsy Treasury lists (most fun thing to browse by the way) featuring one of my foggy photographs. Check them out. You can almost feel summer slipping by.