Saturday, November 19, 2016

Emerald Post

This Traveling Chariot is soon to start delivering something very exciting (and green) to mailboxes near and far.....

Enchanting Artisan Parcels
Unfolding Traditions, Art & Lore
From the Old World, From Celtic Lands
From Elsewhere & Elsewhen

Within each limited edition Emerald Post Parcel you will find artwork inspired by Ireland, Celtic lands of Scotland, Wales, and Cornwall, & history & folklore of these lands. Each Emerald envelope is hand addressed to the recipient and contains approximately 3-5 items evoking another world or another time. Currently, Emerald Post is available in one month, 3 month, or six month suscriptions. Your parcel may include:

               A quality print of my original artwork
               Photo prints
               Postcards *
               Notecards with envelopes *
               Original Block Prints
               Occasional Original Artwork
               Use of ephemera such as postage stamps, maps, etc
               Tidbits of history & folklore

For the holiday I'm offering a Yuletide Edition of Emerald Post to arrive near Winter Solstice (Dec 21). They would make great holiday gifts.  Here is a sneak peak:

Get the Yuletide Edition HERE for $14

Read more about Emerald Post here.

To my regular blog readers here at Traveling Chariot: In addition to my blogging here of travel, art, and my Missouri adventures, I will maintain a blog at for things related to Emerald Post and Ireland. Sometimes they might overlap. There is also an Emerald Post Newsletter you can sign up for HERE if you'd like updates and musings about Emerald Post. Thanks!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Paths to Winter

Daylight hours are waning though the sun is still quite warm. We have crossed the threshold from light to dark, from summer to winter, we are well on our way. The monarch and I are soaking up the still warm sun for sustenance, she for her long journey south, me for my long journey into winter's short days & cold nights.