Welcome to the Traveling Chariot! Here, I collect & share inspiration for my creative life as well as some of the wonders I encounter while traveling the wide world or the wild wood in my back yard. I also exhibit  many of my artistic creations here, some of which you can purchase from the shelves of my Etsy Shoppe.

My name is Abby, I am the driver of this wandering vehicle of wonder. I am an artist, writer, woodlander, & dreamer. I gather my inspirations in a wicker basket, foraging from literature, art, travels, and, of course, the natural world. I have an affinity for archaic things hidden away in the cobwebbed corners of this modern age like paper maps, candlelight, silence, & letter writing. I love learning about natural histories, folklore, herblore, & fairy tales. I studied English, Writing, French, and Medieval History at university and have a healthy interest in those fields as well. Art is and has been a part of my life since childhood, braided into the stuff of everyday,

My hope is that Traveling Chariot is a vehicle to move you - through time, across lands, to places you’ve yet to discover or even imagine. Come away, come away all!  

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