Monday, December 17, 2007

Tea Time

Earl Grey is brewing quickly like the words on my tongue
when it drips dreamily through my veins
it sustains me like our warm and easy conversation

This limited edition accordion fold, butterfly book (May '06) was inspired by my love of the small luxury of tea. I made eight of them for Mother's Day for special women in my family. Included in the book: a brewing tea how-to, tea facts, the poem above and an additional poem. All photos are ones I took of my mother's tea pots and cups. Also included is a pull-out sheet of "tea" in six different languages and in the back another pocket containing a tea bag. The cover is solid wood blocks covered in fabric with a ribbon closure.

A side note: I drank some glorious tea one winter afternoon in Bath, England. It just so happens that the tea is available through their website for those interested. My favorite - winter blend.

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