Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That Which I Believe
& a Miscellany of Self

This was for English Senior Seminar. The class that was based on gambling/chance in literature and life but somewhat more about "What do you really know about life?" A class about truth, what is truth, what is true, chance in believing my truths over your truths over his truths. This book (enshrined in its own box ) was a response to the questions above - a book of my truths.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Artist Trading Cards

These cards (one for each letter of the alphabet) were inspired by my affinity for travel. Two nearly exact sets were made - one I kept, the other was traded for cards of others in my Image/Text class. Each card has a map background, a handwritten letter and a travel related word typed onto wire-laid paper all glued to a set of playing cards. This project was entirely fun to do and one of my favorite things that I have done.

Ships Sail Away

This journal was made for a close friend and was used as a travel journal. It is leather bound, hand stitched with ribbon tie. The inlay image is a ship from an old map and an ink and gold leaf pen doodle.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tea Time

Earl Grey is brewing quickly like the words on my tongue
when it drips dreamily through my veins
it sustains me like our warm and easy conversation

This limited edition accordion fold, butterfly book (May '06) was inspired by my love of the small luxury of tea. I made eight of them for Mother's Day for special women in my family. Included in the book: a brewing tea how-to, tea facts, the poem above and an additional poem. All photos are ones I took of my mother's tea pots and cups. Also included is a pull-out sheet of "tea" in six different languages and in the back another pocket containing a tea bag. The cover is solid wood blocks covered in fabric with a ribbon closure.

A side note: I drank some glorious tea one winter afternoon in Bath, England. It just so happens that the tea is available through their website for those interested. My favorite - winter blend.