Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Natural Affinity

This box was commissioned for a lover of nature who spends a lot of time photographing the splendor around her. Some of her photos were provided for me to use: the deer photo on the cover & the landscape as the interior background. Also, a verse of one of her favorite poems was used: two deer came walking down the hill and when they saw me they said to each other, okay, this one is okay - Mary Oliver. I used these elements & natural textures & colors to create a pleasing & functional box. The contents include a leather bound journal & pen, a magnifying glass, a glue stick, a glass tube for found objects, & a small sliding drawer [a matchbox] for found objects - feathers, stones, or iridescent insect wings. Leather, brown rice paper, distressing with ink, gold ink, wooden cigar box.

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Alpaca Son said...

Abby! These boxes are great. As you can see, I actually read your goodreads profile and found your blog! I'm so happy to have something pretty to look at while I'm chillin' in the ol' cube!