Monday, April 7, 2008

May the Love Song Never End...

Where to put all those movie tickets, if your the sentimental type? Concert tickets? Photos? Love Letters? In a box, of course. But not just any box. A box designed for you. This box was designed for a couple of friends of mine, keeping their personalities and interests in mind. They both love music - hence the "love song" and Zeppelin lyrics. I used the blacks and whites to give it a bit of a masculine edge while using feminine patterns (so that the guy isn't afraid of the box). The box is a wooden cigar box about 7" x 11". On the inside cover I've put small pieces of flat metal behind the paper and the buttons are attached to small magnets to hold photos or other ephemera. Three blank journals were made to fit inside - to paste movie tickets in or keep a journal or some photos, important dates, whatever. Since it's love we're talking about, I used playing cards, the king and queen of hearts, on the books, and the ace just seemed right for the third. Everything is craft paper, images from magazines, or wallpaper with text from typewriter and ink embellishing.

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