Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whimsy, Windows, & Watercolor

The Merry Wives of Windsor and Gothic Window By Elizabeth Schuch

As you may have seen on my sidebar, I do adore the art of Elizabeth Schuch. I first saw her art in the little shop at Shakespeare's Globe Theater in London, England. I bought of few pieces (reproductions because of a student's budget) and they appropriately adorn the wall above my favorite bookshelf. Much of her work is inspired by the great Bard but her other pieces are marvelous as well (like the Gothic arched window above). So, I was very pleased to stumble upon her blog where I browsed with delight, especially the how-to's. It is definitely worth your time to browse her sites. View her non-Shakespeare art at . View and purchase Immortal Longings art at .

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