Monday, October 20, 2008

The Long & Winding Way


I make capricious
u-turns in the middle of dirt
lanes; a wake of dust trails behind
as I wander back roads
of back woods with
windows rolled

Bending toward
the sun, blades of gold sway
in fields to my left, to my right
roadside weeds flap a
weeping rhythm
against the

The Wind showcases
her fury - fragments of
tin choke trees, cutting into
their dying flesh as she
blows her soft side
through my

Sulky limbs of trees
hang low over roads like
barren cages of ribs; skeletal
remains on the blacktop
disappear with every
day, every

Clouds blow by
shaped like bones of a
fish, some like sails of a ship
as I roam these roads of
decay, yet, from them
I inhale their