Friday, December 12, 2008

Flea Market Finds

A Wednesday morning stroll through a small town flea market proved fruitful last week. My purchases: Two early 20th century swivel picture frames. I had never seen these before but they are fantastic. I had planned to frame some collage work in them to sell on Etsy but I may have to keep them for myself. A blue and white tin made in England by Daher company. Seller claimed that it was 19th century, I've yet to confirm that but it is lovely nevertheless. And added to my total at a quarter each are some tourist brochure/pamphlets from the 1970's from England. I do plan to dismember these for reincarnations.


Alpaca Son said...

I love flea markets! I would make trips to Springfield just so I can go flea marketing! Those frames you found are amazing!

Jessica said...

Wow. Killer finds Abby. I love Springfield for its flea markets. Good 'ol STD! In Missoula, people think their random stuff is worth hundreds, so there are no flea markets and garage sailing is sometimes awful.