Friday, August 14, 2009

On the Prowl

Finished today. Handpainted mural about 9' x 8' done in acrylic paint. It took me 18 hours to complete.


Becky Chatman said...

Amazing job Abby! This is one lucky little kid! :)

Jessica said...

Hey Abby! Awesome work. Are these all commission works? My sister is having a baby tomorrow morning. No kidding. A baby boy and she wants to do a jungle theme for his room. Too bad she doesn't live nearer to you, otherwise, you'd be hired! Maybe I'll be down in Tulsa one of these days and she and I can tackle a jungle mural together, though it won't look nearly as wonderful as yours. I'm not sure that any of our animals would look their parts. :)

Really good stuff. And thanks for the wonderful pictures from Ireland. Also amazing!

Abby Nolan said...

Thanks guys. Jess - best wishes to your sister. Yes these were both commissioned. They were in the same house, though, for two brothers.