Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween & Bookish Treats
Pocket Journal Winner

Happy Halloween to all or Happy Samhain (Celtic meaning the summer's end). Today marks the end of the Celtic year, the harvest season, and the light half of the year. And tomorrow begins the Celtic New Year and dark half of the year, or as we call it: Winter. So light a bonfire tonight to warm yourself and ready yourself for the cold, dark, but hopefully cozy winter. In honor of fall and the colorful blaze that precedes the darkness, I've been harvested the bounty of autumnal colors. And what a bounty it has been.
Also, the lucky winner of my red, embossed leather Pocket Journal is Arlene (Mama's Joy). Congratulations and Enjoy! Thank you to everyone who entered and remember to unplug this fall and enjoy the simple joys around you.  


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