Monday, March 3, 2014

Wild Green Will Come

Ink and watercolor on watercolor paper.
wild adj. [[Old English wilde]] 1 living or growing in its original, natural state 2 not lived in or cultivated; waste 3 not civilized; savage 4 not easily controlled.
I offer some green today as my home is blanketed in snow. March has arrived; green bulbs are pushing up beneath the snow. Soon, all will be green, I must remind myself. The winter has kept me indoors too often. Even in the snow I venture into my wilderness but the cold limits the duration of these visits. Today it is 14 degrees with an ugly wind chill. But the sun is sharp and the snow is glowing blue white like a flame. It is a sure bet that when spring actually arrives I will be seeking the wild outdoors, the savage and untamed, as briars scrape my ankles and ticks feast on my flesh in secret. But one must pay the fare to enter Wilderness.   
Above is a page from my (upcoming) travel journal, I am readying it for treks through forests, close encounters with leaves. This quote is from the poem by John O'Donohue, "A Blessing of Angels." So intent on the lettering, however, I actually misquoted it. The end should read "...take you to the territories of true otherness." Let it be, I thought. Fixing it would surely ruin it. 

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