Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Good Old Fashioned Book (Sale)

Twice a year the local Friends of the Library have a huge used book sale. The spring sale has just ended. It's nice to rub elbows with others who love books, especially the paper kind. Here we all are rescuing books like others rescue kittens & puppies from the pound. I'm not a cat lady but one could call me a book lady with a collection teetering on too many. This haul of eight books was carefully chosen with what felt like great self control. My collection ended up being an accurate slice of my personality and interests - a few worldly travels, Norwegian Fairy Tales, French Fables, Medieval History, poetry, word origins, and a little blue book from 1931 called My Caravan A Book of Poems for Boys and Girls in Search of Adventure. It has the most wonderful woodcuts throughout by Florence Sampson. This must be my favorite, the jewel in the rough. I went through so many books, ran my fingers over thousands, read titles of hundreds, leafed through dozens. Some books just find you. Really, who could refuse A Time for Trolls? 


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