Friday, June 20, 2014

British Isles #9: Boot Tramping

The trip before this one, I took several photos of my hands on things. This trip I took several of my feet in some of my favorite spots. I leave a trace, a track, a path, with my hands and feet as I travel and capturing this imprint in photos is just a reminder to myself where my boots have trodden, where I've scuffed my toes, across which stones I've ran my fingers across, into what moss I've plunged my fingers. And as you can see, I am a light packer and take only the shoes on my feet. These did the trick, waterproof, heel-less, & comfy. Also, they zipped up the back which allowed me to skip lacing them up again and again but also let me loosen them if my feet swelled or I doubled up on socks.
So here are some of my tramping grounds.
Craigmillar Castle near Edinburgh, Scotland

The beach of pebbles and boulders at the base of Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven, Scotland.

Traipsing through the tide on the beach at the base of Dunnottar Castle.

Walking upon Hadrian's Wall, Walltown Crags, near Haydon Bridge, England.

The stone floor of Hailes Castle, Scotland.

Hiking up the stream at Burn O'Vat, Scotland

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