Monday, December 1, 2014

Hello December

December is upon us. It should not surprise us, but always it does. And the New Year is equally sneaky to arrive before our stunned eyes. So, I am trying to slow December down, a difficult task to be sure. We recently equipped our hearth to burn fires safely and efficiently so this is the beginning of my efforts: warm fires, low lights, soft music (Celtic holiday tunes now). For many, this season is full of hustle bustle, a race to the finish, and an inevitable crash after all is said and done. In the past years I have slowed my pace and tried to create my own traditions, ones that allow me enjoy the season, not survive it. I have tried to replace bought gifts with something handmade, or a deed, or time spent with those I love. This doesn't always free up more time, but time is better spent, more enjoyable, memorable, and fulfilling. Along with gifts I am making for my family, I have projects to finish for others who are less crafty yet still want a touch of handmade and one of a kind to their holiday gifts. So the list is long. But a hot kettle, a warm  fire, and some festive music will keep me company as the days shorten.

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