Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Woodland

Here in the Midwest, Winter has not blanketed us in snow, even though all the persimmons seeds I opened were spoons foretelling a  wet snowy winter . Winter has frozen us and thawed us out, time and time again - a cyclical loop from a frigid 20 to a balmy 60. I really quite like it, this waltz between winter and spring. The simultaneous cold and wet did something marvelous where we normally have a wet weather stream. I was pleasantly surprised to come upon this frozen stream falling down our land. I could see water moving beneath the ice and sometimes could hear it moving in the cold silence. Woodland walks have been frequent, especially in the mild weather when the birds come out to frolic and gossip on the heavy cedar boughs, even cedar wax wings have stopped at the watering hole. It is an absurd spring day today at 65 but of course, we will freeze again soon.




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