Sunday, March 1, 2015

Irish Relics

Well folks, March is here. Spring is in sight! Green will return soon (in fact, before this last snow I saw the daffodils peaking through). For me March is a magical beginning to spring and all the lovely things that we'd almost forgotten. Also, I love to celebrate Irish heritage, St. Patrick, and remember the times I've visited the Emerald Isle. My mom found these books, years back, in her attic. They belonged to a relative of mine at some point. And though they are quite tattered and moldy, they are curious treasures. They are volumes of Irish Literature published in 1904, edited by the one and only Lady Gregory. My favorite volume here has English on the right and old Irish Gaelic on the left. The end leaves are lovely with their harps and shamrocks and the other pages have harp watermarks. Rare treats to find in a forgotten corner or a dark, damp attic. So here is but day one of one of my favorite months. Gather your green!

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