Monday, January 4, 2016

Mushroom Monday: Winter Roundup

Perhaps the wild winter rains of the Midwest have prolonged the mushroom season or perhaps there are always some lingering fungi during the cold months. I don't recall seeing so many (or perhaps looking for them) in the past years. Since I have attuned my sight to find fungi - I have found it. It is such a nice surprise, too. Like finding flowers in bloom in the dark of winter. I even found my first Oyster Mushrooms on a giant dead Elm tree. They are edible but I couldn't tell how fresh they were (since the cold air has likely preserved them) so I left them on the tree as white wintry adornment. I've been seeing lots of mushroom (faerie) rings, too, and tons of the hard to identify little white mushroom. Though I know it is far too soon, I am already dreaming of spring and the hunt for those lovely morels.
Oyster Mushrooms on Elm Tree
Underside of Oyster Mushrooms

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

? Perhaps tiny oyster mushrooms.....on the same tree.

A ring, or a crescent rather, of mushrooms

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