Sunday, April 10, 2016

Morel Magic & Madness

So, over a week ago now I found three lonely morels at the base of a giant oak. So I began searching, in earnest, the leaf littered forest floor, the cedar needled glades of our woodland. I've taken countless slow walks with eyes searching for those little gems, but to no avail. I have found no more while people I know have found 200 plus not so far away. I wonder what alchemy, what wondrous magic is present in other woods but not my own this season. And so after many unsuccessful hunts, I'm taking pause, to retain some sanity, to retain the joy that there is in the hunt. Oh I am still in the woods, of course, but I'm taking a little more time looking up at the white canopy of dogwood blossoms and glowing green budding leaves instead of on the ground looking for those mad mushrooms.
So far a mere three morels but always walking with caution & a keen eye.

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