Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May Day

Happy May Day, the old Celtic hinge of the year through which we enter the light half of the year, the green half. It is customary to gather flowers on May Day, which I did, and to give them. So for you - a photographic bouquet of the wildflowers gracing the forest floor with their presence, their lush colors, and diverse forms. A vivid reminder that the green has returned, as it always does. I'm relishing the green. For more about May Day and the older Celtic tradition of Beltane visit last year's post here. For today, pick some flowers, give some joy.

Shooting Star

Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Rose Verbena
Bird's Foot Violets and Yellow Star Grass


Yellow Star Grass
Hoary Puccoon
Blue False Indigo -My personal favorite here
Blue False Indigo

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