Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Cave State

It may be under appreciated just how many caves we have here in the Ozarks and throughout Missouri (especially since I've visited so few). So we have decided to start exploring these gems. Recently we visited both Cosmic Cavern near Berryville, Arkansas & Talking Rocks Cavern near Branson, Missouri. Both caves were really spectacular with guided tours lasting about an hour. Though I must say I enjoyed Cosmic Cavern more so due to an excellent guide, sometimes that makes all the difference. Here are some pictures from our subterranean explorations:

Cosmic Cavern - Berryville, AR

We were lucky to spot the tiny, elusive brown cave bat!

Talking Rocks Cavern - Branson, MO

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Madhob Mohonto said...

Hi Abby
It's awesome and interesting place, I wanna Traveling there. This post help me.