Monday, January 16, 2017

British Isles #20: Dunnottar Caslte

As you walk up to Dunnottar Castle you notice first that this fortress is staggering, strategic, built atop ancient craggy cliffs that drop off into the North Sea on the east coast of Scotland. In fact, Dunnottar means "fort on the shelving slope". The oldest parts of the castle were built during the 14th century though there is evidence of Pictish (a Scottish Tribe) presence from the 3rd century. There is a really interesting timeline HERE if you you'd like to know more castle history.  Most of the ruins remaining date from the 15th & 16th century. On a clear day the views out to the North Sea must be spectacular! But even on the foggy, misty and cold day that we visited this place is still amazing, atmospheric and little haunting. We took a steep but easy walk down to the pebble beach to the left of the castle after our visit. I love beach combing for pebbles and shells. Here we found a small cave and many different types of seaweed and mollusks. This is a must visit if you find yourself in Scotland anywhere near Aberdeenshire

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