Friday, January 10, 2014

A Look Back: Summer Fairy Party

I must have been too busy canoeing, hiking, and generally enjoying the balmy summer to share a very fun project from back in July. In my little neck of the woods, I hosted a Fairy Party for a wee friend's 3rd Birthday Party.
Here is our whimsical table setting: Three picnic tables with fern table cloths. I actually cut a large table cloth into 3 for our small tables and hemmed up the edges. A metal canopy frame trimmed in tulle and ribbons. And a hand-painted sign on barn wood that says "Once upon a Time." An iron chandelier is hung in the middle wrapped with ivy and ribbons. Bunting made with green patterned fabric was hung about as well.
Hobby Lobby was my shop of choice for this party. Here is a wooden 3 covered in patterned felt, a ceramic mushroom for the garden, a tiny, ceramic owl planter all sitting on a table covered in a sheet of moss.
A fairy dwelling in the woods they made with found objects from the forest: walnuts, mosses, grasses, a cedar trunk with roots, butterfly wings, ivy, sticks, etc.
Another fairy threshold.
Glass fairy pebbles led the party on a woods walk. Each girl got a tiny vial of fairy dust to take on the walk and sprinkle around. We talked about where fairies like to live and we searched for evidence of the wee folk. The pebbles led us to this meadow where fairy wings were waiting for everyone.
The cake (made by the birthday girl's aunt) fit right in and was delicious.
All the guests got a small wooden fairy house to paint and decorate. They took them home to their yards to attract fairies.
The party was a major success and the girls and even a few boys had a blast. Several of the children spotted fairies in the shadowy woods and my forest will forever be a magical place. If you have any questions about the party, just leave me a comment.

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