Monday, January 6, 2014

Addressing Your Friends

If there is a season for sending mail, it is Christmas. I am one of a dying breed still sending out real Christmas Cards with holiday stamps and all. Is there anyone else out there who takes part in this thoughtful (and time consuming) tradition? The fact that it takes time, effort, and thought (during a very busy time of the year) are many reasons why I find Christmas Cards so special. It is also some of the only communication I receive from some of my friends and family all year. I send out 60 or so and receive a handful. This year I received about 20, half coming to my mailbox. I am very appreciative of my handful and love hearing from my far flung friends and family at Christmas, and extra joyous to hear from them at other times throughout the year, which I do.
Every once in a while I have the chance to create a one of a kind Address Book in which I design and print the information pages and hand paint each lettered page and tab. Then I bind all the pages in hard back sturdy cover to keep all your information safe (Remember to use pencil - folks move a lot). A custom address book can be ordered here in my Etsy Shop.
In this new year, remember the charm and magic of a handwritten letter or even a short note, a thank you, or a thinking of you note. Remember your friends and family out there in the wide world. I'm very thankful for the friends who frequent my mailbox and find the letters from them one of life's lovely pleasures.



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Laura White said...

I'm one of those inconsiderate people that rarely sends out cards:(. Although I do enjoy getting them!