Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Hallow's Read

Fall has crept in like fog. Harvest and darkness and All Hallow's Eve clutches onto its coat tails (just one month!). I recently read of a lovely tradition begun by author extraordinaire of the fantastic and macabre, Neil Gaiman (Coraline, Stardust, etc). It is called All Hallow's Read and simply put, it is a tradition in which we give spooky, scary, fantastic books to folks at Halloween. Not in lieu of candy or other fun things but just in addition, to those who would love such a gift, to those who need a good scare, or to those in need of spark to kindle a love of reading. New books, old books, used books, second-hand, third-hand, found, lost - any book my friends. Read about it here http://www.allhallowsread.com/ and browse the scary book lists. Gaiman comments that there aren't enough traditions of book giving. I agree even though I give books quite often and looove getting them. So I encourage those who can to spread the scare, the magic, the horror of good spooky story and All Hallow's Read! (Stay tuned for my list of scary books...)
I have really enjoyed some posters for All Hallow's Read I've come across:

An artist among my favorites - Abigail Larson

Hmmm.... Anyone see a likeness....The Red Woman, Melisandre, from Game of Thrones?

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