Monday, September 22, 2014

British Isles # 10 : The Anchor Inn

The Anchor Inn is in Haydon Bridge, UK on the River South Tyne just 5 miles from Hadrian's Wall.

Our style of travel is the ramble. Each day new places, new roads. Each night a different inn to rest our heads. There is no putting off until tomorrow what we must see and experience today. We wait for no weather. So there were many things we saw in sideways rain, in unimaginable wind, in soggy clothes. There were also a few things we skipped, surrendering to the Scottish rain and our weary bones. Such is our method. It is often as unpredictable as the weather.
Day four was rough. We were still quite jet lagged, it lashed hard rain all day, a few places we’d hoped to see were closed and we had a lot of road to cover that day to get to our next inn. Not the best of our trip, to say the least. We rolled into Haydon Bridge, England around 4 where our lodging awaited: The Anchor Inn. We could finally get fed, get dry, get rested, and get a drink. Ahh…at long last. 
The Anchor Inn was the highlight of the day (and the night).  We ate a good hot meal, had a pint, and retired to the room to rest. Sleep almost came, entirely too early. But around 9 we decided to go back down to the pub for one last pint. One pint turned into many as we struck up some lively conversations with locals until the wee hours of the morning as we might with any friends. A local named Stephen kept us quite entertained and informed, we exchanged stories, jokes, questions, and answers. It was a grand ol’ time.
Anchor in from the bridge.

Fish n Chips for me, a burger for the Mr.
Photo taken in the morning. Was much more lively the night before.
Bridge over River South Tyne

View from our room

 A big English breakfast in the morning mostly revived us and we were off to see the wall. Hadrian's Wall, of course.

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