Monday, November 3, 2014

Fires, Fog, & Falling Leaves

It is hard to describe fast time and slow time but I know the difference when I am living it. Moments of slowly dripping time are rare and nearly always sandwiched by rip-roaring time, time like light speed. Moments of pause are precious. I hold them tight. I seek them out. Autumn has offered many of these moments to me. By no mistake, most of these moments take place outside (not all, but many). Personally, technology seems to speed up my time and not necessarily make any extra time, which is what it is supposed to do. So I like to unplug or walk away from the plugs. I like to take a woodland walk, watch a campfire, cook outside, pick something ripe (don't eat the hedge apples), and by all means watch those leaves fall. Falling leaves are at the top of my list of magical occurrences of the everyday. When at that perfect time of year, a gust of wind from another world blows in and leaves fall and fly and flutter it utterly stirs my soul. I am giddy, like a child, at the magic of it.
So, while the weather is not yet blustery or blizzardly, I try to catch some slow moments, examine the tiny, miniscule wonders of nature, savor the scents of Autumn, or just laze on some leaves. Here are just handful of slow moments I've recently savored.  

Autumnal Gathering - acorns, dogwood berries, rosehips, sumac berries, prickly pear fruit.

Sunrise in the fog.

Northern Fence lizard - lost his tail in a fire :(

Derby dozing off

Butternut Squash seasoned in olive oil, salt, paper, cinnamon cooked in the coals of fire.

The woodland canopy of colors - mostly hickory here.

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