Friday, November 14, 2014

From the Hedges of Devon, England
To see what artist, Rima Staines, is up to and what Hedgespoken is all about go here now.

I often find myself a bit envious of the great festivals and events that happen in the southwest corner of England, ancient traditions and art flourish in that ancient landscape. A few years ago now, roaming aimlessly through the tangled web of the internet, I found the art of Rima Staines. I've written of her before. Her art is absolutely magical. Reading of her artistic life, often on wheels, and visits to the wondrous faires and fests of the area have been a pleasure of mine for some time. Her blog Into the Hermitage can provide many hours of indulgence into a world of myth, magic, and nature. Her art has always been the storytelling type, you can see the tales just under the paint. But she is not only an artist of paint. She dabbles in many art forms: She is a musician (accordion), a puppeteer, a jewelry smith, a book binder, an herbalist, just to name a few.

Now she finds herself at the beginning of a new path. Rima, and her storytelling poet partner have devised a grand journey. They are hoping to create Hedgespoken, a hybrid vehicle: a wheeled theatre of the imagination and a hedge-loving home on wheels. But she tells it better herself. You can read all about it here. Or watch the grand video below. They have launched a fundraiser to help sculpt this dream into a reality and give the gift of magic to all the lucky folk in England (still jealous to be stateside). If you'd like to help, you can toss some change into their hat here and read more of their brilliant plans. Only a couple weeks left before the fundraising wraps up. There are lovely perks for donations, many include some of Rima's great artwork. You can keep up on their progress on their website and at


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Rima Staines said...

Huge thanks Abby for these lovely words - it really helps to have your support! Hope you can share our fire one day :)