Monday, October 26, 2015

Ramble Around Ireland #1

Trim Castle Keep
Dublin always bookends our trips to Ireland for practical reasons like flights & jet lag. But we don't stay long because A: we have there been several times and B: cities are great but, for us, rural is better. It is out of cities and into the countryside that Ireland's ancient tangled roots really show. Where we can trace time and traditions alongside rivers and mountain ranges. So after a day in Dublin we pick up our pint-sized rental car and head north. We first stopped at Trim Castle which is an impressive walled ruin (that you might recognize from the film Braveheart). Trim Castle, situated on the River Boyne, was begun in 1167 at the site of an earlier wooden fortress. It cost a meager 4 euro to visit. To explore inside the keep (tower) one must take the tour, which last about an hour.

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