Monday, November 30, 2015

Ramble Around Ireland #4:
Dundrum Castle

Heading north from Newcastle, but following the coast, we stopped at Dundrum Castle, an Anglo-Norman castle which was built beginning in the 12th century. Dundrum was a modest ruin you can climb a small tower for spectacular views. The view illustrates how strategically located the castle is. It is worth noting that most of the ruined castles like Dundrum are usually looked after and well kept by a Heritage council and are free to the public. I love how generous the Irish are with their artifacts, their history, their culture. We also stopped at Tyrella Beach which had grand views of the Mourne Mountains. What a beautifully sunny view of the Irish Sea.

View from base of Dundrum Castle of Dundrum Bay

Mourne Mountains from Tyrella Beach

Where the Mountains of Mourne Sweep down to the Sea

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