Sunday, November 15, 2015

Traveling Tiny Traditions

I hate to fast forward a month or so but the holidays are fast approaching. With them come our yearly traditions, ones we've had for ages, others we create new. There are freshly made Traveling Tiny Journals in my shop now which make great gifts and stocking stuffers and can be worn on a necklace or fastened to a keychain. They are also a great way to begin a new tradition.

There are many things you may want to scroll in these tiny volumes:
          -we are thankful for ... (could be passed around at Thanksgiving)
          -gifts that were given & received
          -major milestones and events of the past year
          -a letter to Santa from wee child
          -a letter to a wee child from Santa or one of his Elves
          -a hope or prayer for the coming year
          -how your family celebrated the holiday season
          -wee photos of your loved ones from the past year
          -the dates and milestones of Baby's First Year

Each year you could add to the little volume or have a new one for each year. Also, they would be grand for Yule or the New Year or other annual celebrations such as birthdays. Visit Traveling Chariot's Shop to browse these and other gifts for the winter season.

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