Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Mighty Fortress

Don't forget, I'm doing a giveaway over at Emerald Post Blog, Just leave a comment on any Anatomy of a Castle Post to enter. Read more about it here: Castle Giveaway

Fortress Block Print $11
Inspired by the magic and majesty of castles and my journeys through darkened corridors and up spiral staircases to the tops of turrets, this hand carved and hand pressed Fortress Block Print was featured in the Castle Edition of Emerald Post. You can still get one in the July Issue of Emerald Post HERE or the Fortress Print individually HERE. You can have your castle printed on black, ivory, or and old page from The Death of King Arthur. 

Below are the contents of the July issue of Emerald Post: a 5x7 Notecard & Envelope featuring Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland, the 5x7 Fortress Block Print, and 5 Polaroid inspired photos nestled into a tiny envelope.

July Castle Edition - $15

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