Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Toadstool Tuesday

Since the summer heat and some gracious July rain have graced my woods with a plethora of fungi - I'm breaking into the other days of the week to share these awesome mushrooms, hence Toadstool Tuesday.  I just loved this one. Found it one evening when the light was almost gone and the next morning it had opened into the loveliest parasol (as big as my hand!). I think it is a blusher mushroom, amanita rubescens, and this species is popping up all over my forest currently. The quick nature of mushrooms to pop up, to shapeshift, to disappear give them such an air of magic, it is no wonder they are players in so many stories, myths, & legends.

About 8:30 pm

Around 9 am the next morning

A look under the cap

Can you spy the blushing beauty? What about an Indigo Milky?

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