Sunday, November 10, 2013

Scenes from November

A brilliant, ephemeral sunset from our home hill.

Sometimes trains frustrate me. Usually I'm needing to be somewhere and on the other side. But they are a great reminder to slow down and look around, enjoy a moment to sit. Look around. Don't mind the rumble and the screeching whistle. I'm a kid again, fascinated with my favorite locomotive.

I've been seeing huge groups of blackbirds over golden fields lately, these guys stopped for a break.

Dangling persimmons ripe for the all the forest creatures. We have several persimmon trees about our land. I don't recommend eating them unless they are super ripe. Ripe ones taste like orange flavored candy. Around here people cut the seeds in half to reveal a spoon, fork, or knife. I think a spoon = snow. A fork = mild winter.  And  knife = cold.

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