Monday, November 18, 2013

The Traveling Tiny - a mini, wearable, wee journal

New in my Etsy Shop are Traveling Tiny miniature journals (many new full sized and pocket sized journals as well. The shelves are getting stocked):
Make a statement with this Traveling Tiny hand bound journal necklace. Small enough to be worn yet big enough to hold actual words, wishes, quotes, love letters, or secrets.
This Traveling Tiny journal can easily be turned into a locket, full of tiny photos.
These also make great Christmas ornaments, some old world charm to adorn your tree. Within them, record your Christmas traditions from year to year or things that happened throughout the year. Keep milestones from Baby's First Year or Baby's First Christmas within the tiny pages. Or let your child write their letter to Santa in the wee journal and have Santa send it back for a unique keepsake.

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