Sunday, December 1, 2013

20% Off and New Tools

Just one more day left for 20% anything in my shop. My shelves are lined with wonderful, whimsical gifts, including some brand new journals. Use the code THANKS2013 good until Tuesday.

I would also like to bring attention to some new tools on my sidebar. On the right, above my Etsy Shop button you can now search my entire blog with just a single word. I hope this makes it easier to find things you saw once upon a time. Post topics (further down the sidebar) may help you find something as well and I don't think the search function searches through labels. So use both if you need. Beneath that you can now subscribe via email to my blogposts or choose to follow the blog. Also you can easily share on Facebook & Twitter by the click of a button. Hope these things help you navigate my wanderings. Cheers!

Check out some brand new journals in my shop:

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