Thursday, December 26, 2013

Slipping Past Soltice

The winter solstice passed by in a quiet, frozen hush and the first day of winter arrived. There was barely a solstice sunrise or sunset. The gray sky just dimmed like a curtain call to the day, to the season. On the morning of the solstice, the cloud blanketed sky brightened to a dull gray and spat ice in a drizzling shower. The trees glittered beneath the gray. The following days have rushed by in holiday fashion. Friends and family arrived, meals were eaten amidst laughter and good cheer. The days only get longer from here, friends, and as each day passes the green sprouting splendor of spring draws nearer. Though it is still a ways away, may we remember, as we hunker down beneath the snow near a fire with a book, that the green will return. And when it does, may we thankful as ever.

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