Saturday, October 11, 2014

Elk Lines

Story weaver Sylvia V. Linsteadt is spinning a new tale. Elk Lines is a re-mything, a rewilding of "The Handless Maiden", a Hungarian folk tale. The entwined story of the mystical Elk People of Point Reyes, California and the tale of Eda Crost will come in eight installments by mail at each of the Celtic festival dates. The first two were delightful. Here in the woods I read the first installment with fire and kettle. If only I could take part in this ritual each time. Elk Lines are lovingly packaged and sent in an envelope adorned with stamps  hand drawn by Sylvia, inspired by the tale. The tale is tied with a spun yarn of wool and accompanied by a note to the reader about the Celitic festival date upon which the tale has arrived. Also to be unfolded is a hand drawn map of Point Reyes and a Feral Palm Reading with watercolor painting. The story thus far is mystical, poignant, enchanting, and well written. It is steeped in myth, ecology, animal lore and a love and yearning for the wild world.  
In an era that has forgone so many tangible joys, it is a delight to receive these treasures in the mail, carefully open and unfold them, and then sit and enjoy a tale. I am one of few that still write letters and send things in the post but it is time to rekindle this tradition. It is such a joy and one you can unfold anytime you like to enjoy again.
Read more about Elk Lines or sign up here. Visit Sylvia's charming blog The Indigo Vat here to read get a deeper look into her inspirations and projects. If you are interested in shorter stories by mail for adults of children look at Sylvia's Grey Fox Epistles and Leveret Letters here.  You can sign up any time.

Here are some of Sylvia's Pictures of her creations:

A Feral Palm Reading

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