Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writing with Fire

Pyrography is the art of writing with fire and also known as wood burning. It is something I began to dabble in last winter. Since, I've mainly done lettering for signs. I'm using a very rudimentary wood burner - I think it cost 20 bucks. I really like this art form, the contrast, the feel of singeing the wood, the scent, the texture of the finished product. But it can be hard work, tedious, dangerous if you are daydreaming and my eyes burn here and there from the little smoke created. This is a recent creation of mine for a gift. I bought an inexpensive soft wood box at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks and with a little work made it into a lovely, one of a kind gift. One day I'd like to get my hands on a better tool, that I can hold more like a pencil, that doesn't get quite so warm in my hand.


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