Monday, August 17, 2015

Mushroom Monday: Chanterelles

These beautiful fragrant Chanterelles have been popping up most of the summer, in fact, they are in season from May to October! Right now they are taking a break because of the heat but each new rain, I go a-searching once again. These have become one of my favorite mushrooms because they are edible, very delicious, easy to identify, and most of all they are easy to find! While morels hide in the shadows like elusive mythical creatures, chanterelles can be seen across a leaf strewn woodland, a little pop of yellow or orange that shouts "Here I am!" They also seem to grow in groups so, where there is one, there are likely more very near. Most of the chanterelles in my forest are Smooth Chanterelles, meaning they lack the ridges underneath. But I've also seen the classic Chanterelle as well as the little red Cinnabar Chanterelle. I've cooked them in many different ways: sautéed, mushroom soup, fried, oven roasted. They were all great! Read more about them here.

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