Monday, August 24, 2015

Welcome to the Forest For Strange Women

It came by post in a gold padded envelope. I opened it carefully with much anticipation. Within, little bits of magic were each wrapped in their own special attire. I had purchased the Lip Balm Gift Set, Evergreen Mountain Solid Perfume Locket, and the Locket Refill Fireside Story from For Strange Women (via Etsy). I slowly undressed each little treasure. 


The lip balms (clove, pine cone, rosewood & poison ivy) came nestled in a bed of moss. Clove and Pine Cone are my favorites. These lip balms smell wonderful, feel great on, and are lightly sweetened with stevia. 

The Evergreen Locket also slept in a bed of mouse in its letterpress box. It is a beautiful locket and the scent is, well, strange. Oh the best sort of strange, woodsy, dark, damp, yet sweet, and changes subtly once on. Often I can smell the woods while wearing the locket, without applying the perfume, which is nice because the scent is really just for me. It is adorned with a cabochon of serpentine stone which is thought to have healing properties. I mistakenly thought the locket came with a chain. Luckily I had one in the right finish and a good length. I really adore this necklace now and have another scent, Fireside Story, for when I use up the Evergreen. The Fireside story scent is an equally lovely scent, equally strange. Even the tiny refill came tucked away in a little pocket. 

I love that these products are local (Kansas City) and produced in small handmade batches to retain quality and like Jill, the lady behind For Strange Women says "my products would not be the same without my own energy infused into each creation. A factory can not replicate the spirit of a craftswoman."

Each product comes with a card describing the item in olfactory details. All of these little details make receiving these products a joy, an experience to relish, to savor, to inhale. In the modern age, all of these things are strange and foreign to most consumers. So, here's to a renaissance of the strange and wonderful. Well done FSW!

P.S. London Fog is a intoxicatingly lovely scent. Must get more soon.

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