Monday, August 31, 2015

Mushroom Monday: Indigo Milky

The Indigo Milky, lactarius indigo, was a lovely wild find this summer. A forest peppered with blue mushrooms is magical indeed. With no look-alikes in Missouri, I was confident in my identification and so ate these wild edibles in many ways. I friend them in batter of egg and flour, sautéed them in butter, and sautéed them into scrambled eggs. If the indigos are fresh they should turn your eggs GREEN! like Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs & Ham. My green eggs looked more grey than green but were tasty nonetheless. I like them fried best; they reminded me of fried Portobellos. These are really beautiful mushrooms with rings on top and gills below that will bleed blue. I found many of these in late June and early July, however, after an inch of rain and some cooler weather, I found another just this morning with many chanterelles popping up again too!

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