Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Telling Stories to the Trees

"Telling Stories to the Trees" by Rima Staines
Today, beneath rain and cloud, Autumn is reaching into my mind, into my spirit. Before long we'll have fires in the woods again, a kettle, and steaming tea. We'll have leaves of gold spilling down and there will be stories in the woods, stories to hear if you listen carefully, and stories to tell the trees. Perhaps the hot sun will return with the heavy cloud of humidity but already Autumn has planted a seed in my spirit. And once it is there, there is no budging.

This painting is by one of my favorites, Rima Staines, from Chagford England. Her art is so steeped in myth and story, in nature and magic. Stop by The Hermitage, her Etsy shop, and take a browse. A calendar, though half the year is passed, is a great way to get many small prints on a budget but her larger works are magic, indeed. Also if you have time to travel down the rabbit hole, visit her blog at Into the Hermitage. Also, catch up on her plans to create a traveling wonder wagon: Hedgespoken. 


Anonymous said...

you write beautifully.

Abby Nolan said...

Thank you! What a lovely compliment.

Anonymous said...

You are very welcome